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Bequeathed Gifts To Royals
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Autor:  Luke [ 08 Jul 2009 07:48 ]
Asunto:  Bequeathed Gifts To Royals

Mrs. Greville left her amazing jewelry collection to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and to Queen Elizabeth II. She also left a sizeable cash inheritance to Queen Victoria Eugenia.

I also found the following inheritance to Queen Victoria Eugenia which I found fascinating and didn't know before.

from TIME Magazine, March 10, 1930 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/artic ... 58,00.html

"While events reeled and staggered—for certainly they did not march—Her Majesty Queen Victoria Eugenie received glad news from Pittsburgh. Thence came to Spain in 1923, sent by the late Warren Gamaliel Harding as Ambassador, that extraordinary personage, the late Alexander Pollock Moore, & millionaire-publisher who proceeded to practice diplomacy with conspicuous success by the methods and almost in the language of Will Rogers. It is history that Mr. Moore once said to Her Majesty, "Gosh, you're beautiful! You remind me more than anybody else I ever knew of my wife [the late, gorgeous Lillian Russell]." In Pittsburgh the last will and testament of the late, great Alexander Pollock Moore (TIME, Feb. 24) was opened last week and found to contain a bequest of $100,000 to the Queen who reminded him of Lillian.*
*To his stepdaughter, Mrs. Dorothy Russell O'Reilly Calvit, he left $1,000."

$100,000.00 in 1930 is the equivalent of more than $1 million today

Here is a picture of Alexander Pollock Moore:


Autor:  sabbatical [ 08 Jul 2009 15:09 ]

Wow... how interesting Luke, fantastic thread. So... If Queen Ena had this money, I wonder why she had to live so modestly until Mrs. Greville left her an inheritance.

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