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Autor:  Maravilha [ 01 Ago 2010 07:39 ]
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Nellie escribió:
Queen Mary is so pleased that you are pleased with her pics.


Princess Anne is chuffed to bits too.


Autor:  Nellie [ 01 Ago 2010 07:59 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

Thanks Maravilha for your pics.

I have resolved to never ever again use that pic of Queen Mary - which is a good one, and a great smile - because it attracts ridiculous remarks about her teeth.


Autor:  Maravilha [ 01 Ago 2010 08:45 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

She had SUCH a sweet smile. She was such an endearing lady...shame people remember her mostly for being a frozen wasteland of emotion. :(

She told Lord Esher the only thing she regretted never having done was jumping over a fence.

So she was buttoned up; but that doesn't mean she was sterile.

Autor:  Nellie [ 01 Ago 2010 09:13 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

I quite agree with the way you are describing her. I also think she might have had a wicked sense of humour.

From her photo albums.


Autor:  Maravilha [ 01 Ago 2010 09:15 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

Me + my pig!

Though it would've been wickeder had she placed "Me (on left)". :lol: :lol:

The Duke of Windsor preferred "self" instead of "Me", which though common, was rather impersonal.

Autor:  Maravilha [ 01 Ago 2010 09:21 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

Queen Marie of Romania had an endless store of risqué anecdotes, which she told anyone willing to listen. She wrote in her diary that she adored telling them to Queen Mary, for the reaction she got. She said, "Her smile starts twitching at the corner when she senses the risqué denouement is near."

I love the thought of Queen Mary enjoying a naughty joke.

Autor:  Nellie [ 01 Ago 2010 09:33 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

I'm sure she enjoyed a risque joke.
Unfortunately, her strictly proper public demeanour has been taken as typical of her personality at all other times.
Funny how all the smiling pics were not recycled much until we could do it ourselves on the internet.


Autor:  Maravilha [ 01 Ago 2010 09:39 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

Nellie, just like the Edwardians ruined the reputation of the generation before them (the Victorians), so too did the Bright Young Things do to the Edwardians. And whatever didn't fit their narrative, got conveniently chucked -- such as "smiling" pics.

The rather loathesome Lady Cynthia Asquith adored poking fun at their Majesties, saying that amongst her set, they couldn't imagine the royal couple ever mating.

"King George MAYBE...but Queen Mary...NEVER!!".

They. The parents of six children.

Do you know that Queen Mary was an early and enthusiastic supporter of birth control? Although she was under no illusions about why it was needed. Her words on the subject put paid the lie above.

"Fancy telling the working classes to go off and use self-control when we couldn't."

Autor:  Maravilha [ 07 Ago 2010 02:34 ]
Asunto:  Re: Hello

Nellie, I'd be forever in your debt if you could find me a photo of a young May of Teck playing Halma, the Chinese draughts game then a scandalous success in the 1880s.

The pic I saw showed her concentrating furiously on her next move, head bent and hand on cheek. It MIGHT be in the Pope-Hennessy book (which the other pic I requested, hand on the King's knee, definitely is).



Autor:  Maravilha [ 30 Abr 2011 16:51 ]
Asunto:  Re:

berciana escribió:
binoculars $2.00
train ride $.05
children singing FREE
the chance to see the era of a queen's reign, with all its idiosyncrasies.... priceless! :)
 LOL! This was awesome. Doesn't Berciana come around Dinastías, these days?

And Nellie, I hope you like my new Queen Mary avatar. Should you have any more of the Queen using specs, I'd be grateful!


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